You can cancel at anytime but your online deposit can be kept.

Yes, 200 euros or 500 czk. 
Cash, Debt or Credit Card in the shop on location or on our web-site. 

Practical info

You need a regular driver licence valid in the EU this includes most countries world wide. – No special motorcycle licence is needed.  
Each vespa has a storage unit under the seat that can fit a helmet or small backpack or purse
Each Vespa come with a Phone or GPS holder for your personal devices for hands free navigation. 

Bring the Vespa Back to Besedni 2, Prague 1 to the Prague by Vespa Shop. Please do not take it over the curb park it on the street and we can help you bring it into the shop.

All of our vespas are very easy to drive, but a prior scooter or motobike driving experience is strongly required, for safety reasons we discourage people with no previous experience to rent a vespa and even more in a foreign country.

We recommend parking in legal white white zones around Prague. Blue zones are for local residents who hold permits so avoid those areas.


Valid ID/ PAssport, Driver License, 200 Euro or 5000 czk Deposit, Rental Fee, And know how and ability to drive a Vespa.  
All the Vespas of Prague By E Bike fleet are provided with Third Party Liability Insurance that You might inflict on a third party as a result of an accident involving the Vespa.   You are recommended to possess  General Accident Insurance.
Third party insurance: in the event the scooter’s driver causes damage to someone else’s property or injure them while driving, that person will receive appropriate compensation.
Third party insurance also provides cover for your passenger.
However, anything that happens to your scooter, or injuries to you, are not covered by third party insurance.
Yes, but we do not recommend children under the age of 10 to ride with a legal adult on the back of a Vespa. 

ncluded with your Vespa Primavera 125 :
Helmet, Full gas tank, City map,, Full insurance, Phone mount for GPS, First aid kit, Pre Programmed routes, Poncho on request

Gloves, Eye wear, GPS unit (we only provide the holder). 

We strongly recommend that you do return the Vespa full of Gas. However – No, you don’t have to return it full but you will be charged a 10 Euro refill change form your deposit.

Prague By E-Bike Shop – Besedni 2, Prague 1 or for a 10 Euro fee we will bring it you anywhere in the city.